Portrait CD Harald Muenz

Portrait CD Harald Muenz
Harald Muenz: "nearly - fast"
Coviello Contemporary (COV 61117)
Darmstadt 2012

nearly – fast (2008) cl, mar, pi
data compression (2009) vl, acc
fein ... auflösend (2010-11) fl, cl, vc, pi
schönes klavierstück (2006) pi
dietro V avanti (2006/7) fl, cl, vl, vc, vib, pi

ensemble mosaik:
Bettina Junge - fl, Christian Vogel - cl, Chatschatur Kanajan - vl, Mathis Mayr - vc, Ernst Surberg - pi, Roland Neffe – perc, Franka Herwig - acc

Coproduction hr2 Kultur / Coviello
Funded by Kunststiftung NRW / Kulturamt Cologne
The CD is available from
The composer , from
Amazon, or from the
iTunes Store.
The real CD is recommended for its well-written liner notes (credits to Bob Gilmore and Stefan Fricke!)

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